Easy Heart Magnet Tutorial

valentines2Valentine’s is coming up and I thought I’d share this easy heart magnet tutorial with you.

Being a mom of an 8 year old with a locker and also being a teacher who is always searching for magnets to hang examples on my Smart board, I thought this would be a great unique, simple handmade gift to give out to that special classroom in your own life.

Let’s get started with your supply list:

All supplies can be found at a craft store and the whole thing might run you $15-$20

  • Sculpey Polymer Clay 2oz. block $2.75 Get 2-3 colors or just 1. You can make several magnets from one package of clay.
  • 3 Magnets 8pk $2.49
  • E6000 Adhesive $3.99
  • Glue dots (optional)
  • Sharpies or stamps (optional)
  • Butter Knife
  • Oven ( You probably have this already)

Prep time: As long as you want.  Cook time: 15-30 minutes depending on the type of Sculpey you get.

I use Premo for my houses and I have clay tools, but a butter knife works just as well for this project.

Shape the clay into an upside down triangle. Using your fingers to pinch it together.

Cut slightly into the middle of the wide part. Pull open gently and shape into the rounded humps of the heart.  Don’t worry if the kids make it look wonky.  We teachers love that even more.
After you have it shaped you can add polka dots with other colors, stripes, carve their name into it with a toothpick, or leave it plain.

Once you are finished you will cook it in the oven on 275 degrees for 15-30 minutes depending on the clay. It will tell you on the package.

Let it cool completely after removing from the oven. Once it has cooled use E6000 to adhere the magnet. Hot glue and super glue will not hold up.  E6000 or Epoxy works best.

You can use Sharpie to write or draw on the heart after it has been cooked.  You can also press stamps into the uncooked clay. You can be as creative as you want. I use glue dots to hold the hearts to the cards. You can dab a little bit of E6000 to the magnet if you wish.

Note: E6000 has strong smell and should be used in a ventilated area.
Valentine's Collage
Viola! You have a super cute handmade Valentine’s gift.
I’d love for you to share this tutorial, I just ask that you give credit or tag OddlyandCompany.



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