FAQS & Policies

Please read carefully before ordering your home sculpture or family ornament in my shop.

Because of how quickly my home sculptures and family ornaments sometimes sell; please note the extra options may not be purchased without ordering a home sculpture first.


  • Pricing is based on the time and details needed to make your tiny home amazing. If you ever have questions about your quote please feel free to contact me at lindsayjoy@oddlyandcompany.com
  • The base price for a tiny home is $275. Please see the pricing guide on the How to Order Page.
  • Animals will be an extra charge of $15 per animal, but they ARE extra special to us, right?!
  • Large Trees such as Magnolia, Oak, pine, dogwood, orange, and palm are $15 per tree.
  • Cars are an additional $50. I’m not great at them by the way.
  • Homes mounted on a plate or wood plaque are an additional $20.
  • I am unable and really have no desire to sculpt humans, but cute fuzzy animals, or even a chicken is totally doable.  Snakes are not fuzzy or cute, but I think I can handle them if you just really want one on your tiny home.

Style & Scale

  • I try my best to capture your home and it’s details as best as I can and as realistic as I can for such a tiny sculpture.  Please remember that because of the size I am unable to achieve a superrealistic effect.  Some details might be more whimsical than others.
  • I try to get your house as close to scale as possible, but I cannot guarantee that every detail will be that way.  You can look at my gallery to get an idea of my style and scale.
  • Family ornaments are whimsical and will not have detailed faces.  You may request hat, shirt, and scarf color in the description form. The style in pictures is the style that I make them.


  • Tiny houses are approximately 3×5 inches to 3×6 inches.
  • You can request a larger size of up to 5×7 to 8×10
  • Most family ornaments are about 3-4 inches in diameter.

Options for Display

  • Ornament
  • Mounted on a plate or wood plaque.  This means I will glue your house on a plate or a to a piece of finished wood.
  • No mounting or hole for an ornament (Some people choose to display them differently, ex. on a piece of wood from the old barn in grandpa’s back field)
  • Examples of some mounted homes are shown below.  The wood plaque can be painted the color of your choosing. The oval platter will be an additional $4 added to the mounted price.

Turnaround Time

  • My turnaround is 8-10 weeks from the time your invoice is paid and pictures are received.
  • That’s a long time! Why? Well, I create, cook, and ship all my orders in batches.  This saves time actually and is more energy efficient on my electric bill.  Plus, each house takes approximately 12-20 hours to create from start to finish. And I’m a full-time teacher.


  • After you have secured a spot through my shop, I will send you a jotform with questions about your home such as colors and roof style.  You will also attach pictures to this form.  Your order will ship 6-8 weeks from the time I receive your completed form. Please submit your form within 4 weeks of your order.  Failing to do so will result in your order being placed in the back of my queue for the month it is received.  This means you will likely not receive your order until about 12-26 weeks from the time you ordered.


  • All houses are sent via Priority Mail due to box size and weight. Shipping is calculated in your order. Shipping is calculated according to the zip code being shipped and weight.
  • International orders are welcome.
  • Orders will be shipped 6-8 weeks from the time I receive your completed Jotform.


  • You may order more than one house if you are able to through Etsy. Etsy does not hold items in your cart.

Returns and refunds

  • Returns and refunds are not allowed. However, if you are unsatisfied with your order or your order is damaged during shipping please notify me as soon as possible so that I can work with you to handle the issue in the best way for both parties.

Social Media and Your Home

  • I love showcasing the progress of your tiny home on Instagram and Facebook. However, I understand that your order may be a gift.  If this is the case please let me know to not share until after your order has been gifted.
  • I’d love for you to photograph your tiny home in front of your real home and share it on social media.  You can tag me on Instagram @oddlyandcompany.  I love to regram those pictures too and tag you! I would also like to share it on my website too if you don’t mind.
  • You can follow me on Instagram or Facebook.
  • Make sure you sign up for my Newsletter.

What are they made from?

  • Polymer clay and LOVE.

Care Instructions

  • Do not store your tiny homes in extreme cold or extreme heat. The attic is an unhappy place for your tiny home.
  • Clean with a dry or damp clothe if needed, but watch out for those thin fragile parts like blades of grass, leaves, porch railings, and such.  They could easily break.

If you’ve made it this far Thank You! Once again please feel free to email me at lindsayjoy@oddlyandcompany.com if you still have questions.