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When you order your custom home sculpture you are really ordering a keepsake heirloom. A symbol of the story created within and around 4 walls.

Base Prices

Front View-3 windows or less-Freestanding or Ornament  $275

Front View-4-6 windows-Freestanding or Ornament $300

Front View-7-9 windows-Freestanding or Ornament $325

Front View-10 or more windows-Freestanding or Ornament $375PricecollageAdditional Options to the Base price

Front AND Side View-$75

Mounted on a Plate, Platter, or Wood-$20

Extra Large – 5×7 inches or more $75

Animals-$15 per pet

Feature Trees (such as Magnolia, Oak, Pine, Dogwood, Birch, Orange, Palm) $15 per tree

Cars-$30 per car

All other landscaping is included in the base price.


Family Ornament Pricing

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1-4 Figures $35

Each additional figure is $5 per figure

Figures are humans or pets.

Taxes will be collected for all Tennessee orders.

Please read the FAQS and Policies 

You may place an order by using the above link once it is open again. You can also purchase the additional options at this time. I will then send you a link to a description form. You will upload your pictures to this form. Please submit  several pictures so that I can get a good idea of the details of your home. At least one photo must be taken straight on if possible. Please include colors, angles you would like for me to capture, and special details(ex. grandma’s favorite rosebush).


 More information may be found in the FAQs and Policies section of my website.

Orders will ship 8-10 weeks from the date of payment unless otherwise specified. Orders may not be cancelled or refunded after payment. I start in some way working on your home soon after you order, may it be sketching, ordering or pre-mixing colors.

As always if you have questions you may email me at

Thank you so much!