Meet the Maker

img_1564Hi! I’m Lindsay, the maker of all these tiny homes. I live in a tiny community north of Nashville, TN. I’m married to Josh and we have a beautiful, spunky daughter named Ruby, 2 cats named  Kung Fu Kitty Pedro and  Khilo, and 2 wild doggies named Cleo and Woodford. They are my COMPANY. I also yeah elementary art full time.

I was once an aspiring architect, when I was a kid. I would spend hours drawing house plans on graph paper and building it out of Legos.  Then I discovered you had to be good at math to be an architect.  Math and Lindsay don’t mix.  So I became an art teacher.  Faith without a doubt has been my long standing motto and I’m happy to get to do what I love full-time and part-time. Kinda like an architect, but way more fun and way less math.

Home is so special no matter how big or small.  Home is really the memories we make, but those memories can be kept alive in the image of our homes. I’m so grateful to God that I get to preserve these memories of home for you.

  Thank you for joining me!

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